Chase will most definitely recognize proposals for totally new program or stand-alone artwork novels

Hound Comics

Comprehensive actually works (they certainly do recognize penciling, inking, lettering, and coloring products)

Chase Comics will most definitely create creator-owned information. Chase will surely accept suggestions for new program or stand alone graphical novels.

Writers: No script-only distribution. Any story or plotline unaccompanied by art would be unread and thrown away. For those who are an acknowledged professional, kindly submit examples of their posted get the job done as well as just might capture a thing away.

Music artists: They recognize penciling, inking, lettering, and coloring examples. Benefits products would be kept on data and will potentially trigger attaching you with additional designers if as soon as the affair occurs.


HUMANOIDS is obviously willing to browse unique stimulating plans and pleasant unique gift with their kids.

1) to allow them to examine your draw as well as likely in another of their particular imprints (Humanoids heritage, large, lifetime Drawn, H1), remember to complete the Pitch Sheet doc and send to editorial@humanoids.

2) Should youa€™re both Writer and singer, or if perhaps an Artist continues attached to the plan, these people ask for below items at the same time:

a€“ 1 pinup or address (med to whats up solution)

a€“ 5-10 finished inside documents (med to hey solution) in PDF format

Should you be a coloration specialist, kindly submit a PDF portfolio of strive to editorial@humanoids.

If you should be an author and dona€™t have got a painter, dona€™t concern. They usually have the back. Pack the presentation Sheet and when theya€™re curious, theya€™ll create a creative employees around any project.

3) staying by yourself. Dona€™t you will need to ape someonea€™s style (in writing or art). Dona€™t in addition focus on a€?i’ve the optimal pitch for Humanoidsa€?. Humanoids possesses circulated lots of comics in a lot of types throughout their record. Consider forwarding a strong presentation, well crafted and delightfully attracted.

4) view the company’s catalog to know their own different imprints before you publish their pitch.

5) do not send out a presentation created for another manager (youa€™d appearance very bad).

Female Demise Universe

Girl demise world is obviously shopping for new, up and coming musicians and in case the belongings try great, they might see employing one. Before publishing samples to us, take note the annotated following:

At present looking for: Pencilers, Inkers, Sequential artisans, deal with creators, Colorists, Letterers

Writers : We want Hispanic dating apologize, but we are not selecting article writers at this time.


If you choose to literally mail a graphics submission, don’t send originals.

Lion Forge Comics

Creators, Creators, Principles

The Lion Forge, LLC (a€?Lion Forgea€?) cannot often take unwanted ideas, techniques, principles, scripts, artworks, as well as other materials. But Lion Forge from time to time considers unique ideas, platforms, or strategies from external root.

Whether you have a concept, approach, concept, artwork a€“ you’ll upload such stuff to Lion Forge, but on condition that you first acknowledge and accept the Lion Forge agreement strategy and submitting production arrangement.

Please note that if you choose to publish products, forward a hyperlink to publicly-posted profiles. Any articles over 25 MB may not be acknowledged and should be supplied by delivering a web link.

A person wona€™t always come a sudden responses, but our personal editorial staff members DO take a look at exactly what will come by the webpage.

Red 5 Comics

Pencillers, Inkers, Colorists, Letterers, Completed Operates

Your own submission incorporate about five (5) websites of your better sequential storytelling craft, not just sketches or pin-ups. These sites should indicate an ability to use different scenes, innovation, skills, and charactersa€¦ between quiet discussion to extreme motion.

Pencillers: your very own case should showcase pencils-only, not inked or tinted posts. Ensure that the scans become of excellent sufficient high quality to demonstrably see your work.

Inkers: your own instances should always be black-and-white and include a side-by-side evaluation with the earliest pens.

Colorists: your very own collection must be considering line-art from several artisans and show their talents in a number of models.

Red 5 Comics is available to examining good quality creator-owned jobs for guide. You and the personnel supply print-ready webpages, and Red 5 Comics looks after marketing, printing, delivery and relevant sports. The comic is posted as there are a profit-split. Your employees retain full proper into mental belongings.

Assembling your shed must have already got a complete creative employees fully committed and onboard, including an author, penciler, inker, colorist (if design), and letterer. Red 5 Comics is interested merely in jobs being grams, PG or PG-13 in the wild. We will perhaps not accept R-rated recommendations. No costumed superhero articles at the moment.


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