4L80E wholesale stand alone trans control utilizing 0411 GM motor PCM.

ALTER 9/26/16 – Now I have over 400 long distances for this stand alone transmission operator. In addition not too long ago turned-on the torque ripping tools clutch to stimulate in overdrive. Everything is working flawlessly and transfer the same as it will.

While the subject matter states. This could be for all those lads that running MegaSquirt, carbs or something besides a factory computer want Foot Fetish dating site with regards to their engines. This article is for FUNCTIONS OF THE 4L80E TRANSMITTING. We (Dale Follett) can write-up how you can make they operate a 4L60e way too if theirs plenty of attention with it.

We (Dale Follett) had been sick and tired of using our LS engine/4L80e transmitting wired upwards for whole manual valve system and preferred they to shift by itself quickly like a factory system. This can certainly often be accomplished by trading around the whole engine personal computer and control back once again to a factory style PCM, sadly my vehicle happens to be wired with MegaSquirt 2 and I also like the services. A Microsquirt and 4L80e funnel are $450.00, but thats a bit much to swing just for automatic transmission control and I wanted a cheaper option. This is what we invented, best expense 2 horsepower tuners Licencing credit and a PCM from the junkyard (complete of $125.00) and a few of my time.

Needed Portion or Methods>

horsepower tuners interface or someone who has a HP tuners interface.

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0411 PCM that was a throttle torso disk drive by wire design. Is not important whether or not it got a 4L60E or 4L80E just having your computer that went the relaying from the plant through the junkyard is a lot easier.

Any standard wiring crap. Soldering irons, wire strippers, electric recording or you need to be elegant temperature reduce, cable, etc.

Every one of the Transmission electric fittings, in addition to the Factory PCM electrical fittings, and a OBD2 diagnostics harbor connector when it comes to horsepower tuners screen to PCM interactions.

As already claimed this really is for the 4L80E GM transmitting BECAUSE OF THE UPDATED GO THROUGH TRANSMITTING CONNECTOR.

The only required PCM stimulant from your engine should be only RPM and throttle state. The rest of the PCM’s inputs come from the indication itself.

Leading factor we have found PCM range. You’ll need a PCM that runs a 4L80E ultimately or 4L60E that can reviews the crankshaft place wheel. Model, my firebird create is definitely operating a 4.8L LS gen 3 motor with the 24X wheel. Therefore for that PCM or tune file, it would have to be from a car which had the LS 24X crankshaft situation detector controls and so the PCM’s RPM enter would review accurately. Should your working a older elegance 350 little block chevy you would probably need a PCM past a chevy specific van and set-up the motor for similar crankshaft position detector and controls to achieve the correct RPM insight to the PCM.

The next phase is TPS. For people using EFI this can be no fuss because we curently have a TPS sensor. For those that are looking at repeating this for your specific carburated setups, you’ll need to fabricate a mount throughout your carbohydrate for a TPS detector. This PCM NEED A TPS INSIGHT so to feature effectively as a transmission management component.

Now on precisely how to wire they in. Her are not any pre-made wiring generate’ because of it you would have to design your own utilize. It is really not that hard though and absolutely nothing compared to constructing a engine wiring utilize. I-go by pinout include and connector pin counts to-do my own wires use’ since the wires shades perhaps not the same as model and make truck your very own changing areas around. Only make life less complicated because the line color may differ from times to X though the PCM’s hooks and connector pinouts don’t change up the PCM and wiring directions i personally use include for its 0411 or P01 GM PCM with the orange and Red PCM connections. The Blue connector is referred to as C1 and Red connector is called C2.


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